Butterfly (Change)

This image represents the butterfly, and themes of life cycle and change.  It is intended to promote flexibility in a changing environment, as well as the ability to stay focused on a project or belief, to stay the course. Use it during times where grace in  transition is required, or when seeking a break from the mundane!

Invasion Defense

Our bodies and our beings can be vulnerable to harmful external influences.  Whether caused by micro-organisms, psychosocial/emotional factors, or something entirely unexplained, infections may become severe and even life-threatening.  This image was created to help ward off and combat infections.


The term “inspiration” is derived from the Latin, meaning “to breathe.” It refers primarily to the inhalation phase of a breath cycle.  We often think of inspiration as divine influence or guidance.  The intention governing this mandala is to enhance and maximize the respiratory components of the body, most specifically lungs.


In fitness, competition, or any of life’s worthwhile pursuits, we strive to achieve greater levels of excellence and effort over longer periods of time.  When everything tells us to quit, this is where true transcendence is found.  This image can be a touchstone to connect us to our deepest capacity to endure and prevail.

Dream Job

If you could earn a living doing anything you wanted to do, what would it be?  Consider all the factors (work environment, hours of operation, responsibilities, associates, products or services offered, etc) and manifest it!  Write down or visualize all the components of your dream job, and use this tool to help make your dream a reality!

Community Immunity 3.0

Vaccines can be controversial, but they operate on the theory that severe illness may be avoided with proper prevention and mindfulness.  This tool is designed to resonate on the level of illness prevention, and to build a stronger immune system for both individuals and society at large.

Surface and Boundary

Skin is our physical barrier to the outside world. It protects us, but what protects our skin? Resistant to external threats, capable of regeneration and repair, it provides flexibility, strength, nutrient synthesis, absorption, elimination, and recognition between individuals.  Minimizing vulnerability to injury, infection & disease is the primary intention.


Smoothly flowing fluid resists congestion and blockage, enhancing strength and resilience of tissues.  Every day, we circulate in and out of the presence of people, objects, and ideas, much the same way a blood cell flows through the body, fueled by a strong pump.  This image can be used to tone the heart and circulatory system, manage anger, or pursue thermal balance.

Connective Tissue

Connective tissue consists of tendons, ligaments, cartilage, bones and blood, as well as the nutrient-rich, fibrous fluid that surrounds each cell, providing support and protection. The components of connective tissue are also all around us, providing the framework upon which our relationships are built.

Parasite Protection

The intention of this image is to help ward off parasitic infections and infestations.  Just set a glass of water on the design for one hour and drink mindfully throughout the day.  In addition to offering protection from parasitic energies it may help clear dark forces and  dispel noxious energies and entities.

Unconditional Love and Support

When you’re facing a challenge that brings up painful emotions or negative judgments, turn to this sentiment for relief, and know that your solution resides in the space of deepest comfort and contentment within.  The power of unconditional love is unsurpassed.  It’s the type of energy that transcends all obstacles.

Thank You

This image represents the energy of thankfulness.  We all have times when we are feeling ungrateful, unappreciative of our situations and circumstances.  Accumulating those moments over a long period can interfere with joy and eventually health.  Be sure to say “Thank You,” to something or someone, or for something or someone every day!