Reverend Robb Seal - Interfaith Wedding Minister

Your Marriage Ceremony

Congratulations! You have made the decision to express your desire to grow as partners in life and love. Regardless of how you choose to define your commitment to each other, no doubt you recognize that Love is the strongest bond there is!

Now you wish to confirm your decision in the presence of your family and friends. Of course you want your wedding ceremony to be absolutely perfect. You want it to express exactly how you feel about your partner and to be symbolic of the life you've chosen together. In addition to the decorations, the entertainment, the setting, and the fare, the ceremony itself should be unique and memorable for all.

We live in a global culture that is rooted in abundant traditions, both spiritual and civil. Most of us are influenced by multiple social perspectives. Every day, people create exciting new approaches to time-honored customs. As your officiant, I want to help you make this event as personal and wonderful as you've always wanted it to be. Let your wedding express the diversity and individuality you and your partner wish to share!

I have studied many cultural traditions and I respect the spiritual beliefs of all individuals. My training as a practitioner and teacher of ritual healing can help me create the energetic space and structure that most appeals to you! I am an Interfaith Minister, ordained in 1999 by Rev. Dr. Willard Fuller, founder of the Lively Stones World Healing Fellowship. I am qualified to perform marriage ceremonies in all 50 states.

Please call 720-352-5194 or email today to receive a sample ceremony and discuss the next step toward your perfect wedding!